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All your works praise you, Lord; your faithful people extol you. They tell of the glory of your kingdom and speak of your might, so that all people may know of your mighty acts and the glorious splendor of your kingdom.

Psalm 145:10

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Selected Cross Pointe services are available to stream from our website. Click below to access:

Latest Services

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Date Title
09/17/17 Joined at the Hip (Balanced, Part 1)
09/10/17 From Behind Bars to Building Bridges (Chad Logan, Campus Pastor)
09/03/17 The Lord's Supper
08/27/17 Glorify Me (What in the World, Part 4)
08/20/17 Obey Me (What in the World, Part 3)
08/13/17 Love Me (What in the World, Part 2)
08/06/17 Believe Me (What in the World, Part 1)
07/30/17 Escaping a Rearview Mirror Life (Navigating Your Faith, Part 5; Mike Daniels)
07/23/17 Navigating Your Relationships (Navigating Your Faith, Part 4; Joey Jernigan)
07/16/17 The Keys to Navigation (Navigating Your Faith, Part 3; Chad Logan)
07/09/17 Investing Our Faith (Navigating Your Faith, Part 2; Alfred Burgess)
07/02/17 Intro of a Lifetime (Navigating Your Faith, Part 1; Mike Daniels)
06/25/17 Betrayed and Broken (Playlist, Part 4)
06/18/17 Goodbye to Guilt (Playlist, Part 3)
06/11/17 Sin Sick (Playlist, Part 2)
06/04/17 Here, There and Everywhere (Playlist, Part 1)
05/28/17 The Lord's Supper (Jason Caine, Campus Pastor)
05/21/17 How to Win Every Grace (Elephant in the Room, Part 4)
05/14/17 A Matter of Life and Life (Elephant in the Room, Part 3)
05/07/17 The X-Rated Life (Elephant in the Room, Part 2)
04/30/17 Politically Correct (Elephant In the Room, Part 1)
04/23/17 Now What? (Jason Caine, Campus Pastor)
04/16/17 Right Choice (The Bucket List, Part 7)
04/09/17 In God's Hands (The Bucket List, Part 6)
04/02/17 Mission Accomplished (The Bucket List, Part 5)
03/26/17 Give Up and Give Out (Be More Commitment Day)
03/19/17 Suffer Well (The Bucket List, Part 4)
03/12/17 Unforsaken (The Bucket List, Part 3)
03/05/17 Family Matters (The Bucket List, Part 2)
02/26/17 Clean Slate (The Bucket List, Part 1)
02/19/17 Be Ordinary (Mike Daniels, Executive Pastor)
02/12/17 Surviving the Storm (Jason Caine, Campus Pastor)
02/05/17 Where Is My Treausre (Cross Shaped Life, Part 5)
01/29/17 Am I In My Sweet Spot? (Cross Shaped Life, Part 4)
01/22/17 Who Has My Password? (Cross Shaped Life, Part 3)
01/15/17 Is My Flashlight On? (Cross Shaped Life, Part 2)
01/08/17 Do I Have a Spiritual Birth Certificate? (Cross Shaped Life, Part 1)
01/01/17 Uncommon Peace (Jason Caine, Campus Pastor)
12/24/16 Stay on the Lookout
12/18/16 Expressing Christmas (Entourage, Part 3)
12/11/16 Experiencing Christmas (Entourage, Part 2)
12/04/16 Expecting Christmas (Entourage, Part 1)
11/27/16 The Lord's Supper
11/20/16 The Right Action (Right on the Money, Part 3)
11/13/16 The Right Attitude (Right on the Money, Part 2)
11/06/16 The Right Approach (Right on the Money, Part 1)
10/30/16 Go Beyond (Jason Caine, Guest Teacher)
10/23/16 Life Beyond Busy-ness (Life Beyond Belief, Part 3)
10/16/16 Life Beyond Borders (Life Beyond Belief, Part 2)
10/09/16 Life Beyond Belief (Life Beyond Belief, Part 1)
10/02/16 From Good to Great (Yes, But, Part 4)
09/25/16 Make It Or Take It (Yes, But, Part 3)
09/18/16 Decision Guide (Yes, But, Part 2)
09/11/16 Good Grief (Yes, But, Part 1)
09/04/16 The Lord's Supper
08/28/16 I Stand Convicted (Unleashed, Part 4)
08/21/16 Star Witness (Unleashed, Part 3)
08/14/16 Truth Be Told (Unleashed, Part 2)
08/07/16 In the Body Experience (Unleashed, Part 1)
07/31/16 Run to Win
07/24/16 Good vs. Great
07/17/16 Love Thy Neighbor
07/10/16 Thrive (Part 2)
07/03/16 Thrive (Part 1)
06/26/16 Fire Out (Holy Who?, Part 4)
06/19/16 Holy Hurt (Holy Who?, Part 3)
06/12/16 Full Up (Holy Who?, Part 2)
06/05/16 Inside Scoop (Holy Who?, Part 1)
05/29/16 The Lord's Supper
05/22/16 It's All About Relationships (Don't Make Me Come Back There, Part 4)
05/15/16 Basic Training (Don't Make Me Come Back There, Part 3)
05/08/16 PG Parenting (Don't Make Me Come Back There, Part 2)
05/01/16 Fatherly Advice (Don't Make Me Come Back There, Part 1)
04/24/16 When Faith Escapes (Jason Caine, Teaching Pastor)
04/17/16 Under Water
04/10/16 It Gets Better (Jason Caine, Teaching Pastor)
04/03/16 The Dark Side
03/27/16 Foever and a Day (Reel Grace, Part 8)
03/20/16 Too Big to Fail (Reel Grace, Part 7)
03/13/16 Family Privilege (Reel Grace, Part 6)
03/06/16 Dian Liam, Guest Teacher
02/28/16 Lay Down the Law (Reel Grace, Part 5)
02/21/16 Rise Up (Reel Grace, Part 4)
02/14/16 Born Losers (Reel Grace, Part 3)
02/07/16 Best Deal (Reel Grace, Part 2)
01/31/16 Bad Deal (Reel Grace, Part 1)
01/24/16 Magnetic Personality (Magnetic, Part 4)
01/17/16 Open Hands (Magnetic, Part 3)
01/10/16 Straight Talk (Magnetic, Part 2)
01/03/16 Crazy Love (Magnetic, Part 1)
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